Roots of Compassion and Kindness (ROCK)

The Roots of Compassion and Kindness (ROCK)

ROCK promotes compassion, kindness, and empathy through education, action, and research. Launched in 2020, our instructors teach FGCU students about compassion, using the best insights from psychologists, philosophers, neuroscientists, and scholars from many disciplines. Students then apply what they have learned by going into local classrooms to share what they know through interactive activities: painting rocks, planting gardens, journaling, role playing, engaging in readers' theater, leading guided discussions, and spreading goodwill. Our program fosters positive academic and behavioral outcomes through strategies of empathy and engagement. We are currently partnering with four schools to grow compassion at the roots.

The journey to become an empathic thinker often begins with self-compassion. Learning to curate our thoughts and practice emotional regulation is an important step in this process. Try Kristin Neff's self-compassion test to get started. From self-compassion, one can proceed to feel compassion for the suffering of others in the home, workplace, and community. Through this process, one can work toward a steady practice of empathy for other human beings more nationally and globally, as well as other creatures and the ecosystem.